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Financing Education through Loans and Other Options for the Modern Student

Finco Education is a Loan Consultant offering student loans for international students. We help students in the admission process, and provide them with abroad accommodation and visa guidance. We also offer health and travel insurance for students.

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With a wide range of services to offer, Finco Education strives to make your education experience hassle-free and simple. We offer you the best admission consultancy, accommodation in various countries, visa and forex card services.

Education loan

We provide education loan to the students from different lenders with best offers. We study each profile to grant best deals

Without Collateral

We are also tied up with some lenders who doesn't ask for any properties or FD's for giving student loan 

Without Co Applicant

We are also connected with some lenders who do not ask for co applicants. There are many students who face problems due to no proper co applicants or co applicants with low cibil score or salary

Affordable Rates

We focus on students benefits therefore giving a proper rate of interest is our first priority. We bargain on behalf of student for proper desirable rates 


We target in giving students the required amount of funds

Moratorium Tenure

Every lender has a different moratorium period. We try to give students the best one. Some lenders Emi start after 2.6 years of which 2 years will be a study period and 6 months of a Grace period.

No Penalties

There are some lenders who don't charge on any early payments Also no charges for foreclosure and part payment.

Easy-Going Process

It’s an easy go process. We study each case and guide students where they can get the best deals from

Helps in International Admission process

We guide student in the process of admission to select appropriate college with good placements

I20 and visa process

Guides in the process of i20 visa forex card Also mentors with best health and travel insurance

Why choose us

You can choose us because we take care of all the steps you need to undergo in order to complete your education abroad. Be it health insurance or travel insurance or even choosing the right university, we will guide you towards making the best decision for yourself.

  • 01

    Bridge between student and lenders

    We fill the gap between the students and the lenders. Instead of going to each lender we make it easy for student to connect to the best prescribed lenders

  • 02

    Guidance to select Appropriate lender

    As we are into this business from many years through experience, we can guide each student with proper lender which can save student’s time

  • 03

    Affordable Rate

    Students going through us gets affordable rates, As we are tied up with banks and NBFC’s we can bargain for rate on behalf of students

  • 04

    Customer Satisfaction

    Getting best deals like maximum funding with best rates is what customer is looking for we assure student we best rates going in the market and maximum funding as per student’s requirement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Education loan?

As the name states it’s for the Students, mostly to pursue Under Graduation or Post Graduation Programs. These loans usually covers Tuition, Living Expenses etc.

Will I be Eligible for loan?

We can tell only after checking out your Profile. What are you waiting for?

I don’t have Collateral. Can I avail loan?

Yes, you can. For more details contact us.

When should I apply for loan?

We can say as soon as possible. You should not ignore as its one of the most important factor in completing your studies. Don’t stress out and check it out.

Askarbol provide the loan?

No, we have partnered with many lenders. We take out the best suited option for you from our kitty.

How much Interest rate will be charged?

It totally depend upon your Profile like GRE etc. and loan type like Secured or Unsecured etc. It will be better if we answer after assessing your profile. Get in touch with our RM to help you further.

Can I repay the loan early?

Yes, There will be some if’s and but’s because It totally depends upon from where we are sanctioning your loan. You can ask the RM in detail.

Loan will be credited to University directly or in my account?

Some lenders Credit in your account and some directly to the University. It totally depend upon the Lender we choose and it can be enquired well before processing.

Can I take loan from two different lenders?

No, but we have some international partners who work according to the case.

What is a NBFC?

Non-Banking Financial Company who have limited financial services. They provide feasible and flexible solutions to students.

I don’t have co-signer or co-borrower. Can I avail the loan?

Yes, there are some lenders who provide the loan with co-signer or co-borrower.

How much loan can I take?

You can take up to your cost of Education wiz Tuition, living etc. Different lenders have the different Maximum loan amount limit and it depends upon your profile also. For more info get in touch with our RM.

Student's Testimonials

Yash Deshmukh
Study at melbourne University

They responded fast and completed loan process very quickly.

Ganesh Nikam
University of Michigan-Dearborn - Ms in Industrial and system Engineering (MSE)

I Recommend Finco Education services They got my loan sanctioned with good rates and required funds

Baljit Singh Basra
The University of British Columbia

As i got rejected from most of the banks due to collateral.. but Finco Finance helped me in the loan without collateral

Riya Patil
University of Edinburgh

I'm well pleased with finco finance services they rock. Gave me the best rates in the market

Gloria DSouza
Study at Boston University

Finco Finance made my process hassle free with less paper work... I'm happy

Astritch Pillai
North Eastern University

Finco Finance helped me in all ways to get the best deals

Education Loan


For other Countries


  • Without Collateral Without Co Applicant
  • Student Based loan
  • Rates from 7% to 11%
  • 80% to 100% Funding
  • 6-months Grace period after the course completion
  • No foreclosure Charges
  • No Part Payment Charges
  • No Interest Payment till the course ends

For other countries

  • We provide Non-Collateral and Collateral Loans (depends case wise)
  • Good Rate of Interest
  • 12 months Moratorium period
  • We provide services till completion of the course
  • No Part Payment Charges
  • No Foreclosure Charges
  • We provide free of cost Student Forex Card